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Power Analysis Software

Power Analysis Software

PAS is SATEC’s setup and application tool for use with all SATEC instruments.

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  • PAS's versatility stems from its numerous features
    • Automatic power quality reports for EN50160 & IEEE 1159
    • Automatic polling of devices
    • Simple off-line instrument setup
    • Direct data access for status monitoring or analysis
    • Wide range of communication platforms:
      • RS standard serial lines
      • TCP/IP
      • USB
      • Telephone/Modem
    • Sophisticated analysis:
      • Data logs—historical or current
      • Trends—individual or 3 phases together
      • Trend over time data log or waveform
      • Trend based on user-selected parameters or limits
      • Harmonic spectrum
      • Harmonics power direction
      • EN50160 comparison tables for HV and LV applications
      • G5/4 comparison tables for HV and LV applications
      • Vector analysis/phasor diagram
      • Automatic power quality and fault categorization
      • Waveform comparison between sites
      • ITI (CBEMA) curve
      • Automatic sort and filter capabilities
      • Uploading TOU settings
      • Uploading with variable setpoints
      • Alarms with variable setpoints
      • Delta measurement
    • Self-test
    • Easy export to spreadsheet, Word, Excel or database
    • Extensive graphic and report capabilities for waveforms, harmonics & billing
    • Export COMTRADE (IEEE standard common format for transient data exchange)
      • Export PQ

PAS - Basic Setup   PAS - Control Alarm Setpoints

Basic setup


Control alarm setpoints

 PAS - Directional Harmonics    PAS - Directional Harmonics

 Directional harmonics


 Directional Harmonics

 PAS - FFT    PAS - FFT Analyzer



 FFT analyzer

 PAS - ITI Cbema Curve    PAS - Oscillography Harmonics

 ITI Cbema Curve


 Oscillography Harmonics

 PAS - Oscillography    PAS - Oscillography Event



Oscillography Event

 PAS - Spectrum Table    PAS - TOU Setup

Spectrum Table


TOU Setup

PAS - Trend Over Time    

 Trend Over Time


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